Powder Coating

Powder Coating Services in Ontario, Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Powder coating provides resistance to abrasion, chemicals, heavy impacts, extreme weather conditions, and fading from exposure to sunlight. Central Sandblasting & Powder Coating provides high-quality powder coating services to customers in a variety of industries in locations throughout Central Canada. Our experienced staff will help you determine which product is best suited for your project.

For all products that are to be powder coated, we first determine whether sandblasting or chemical cleaning is required; the method used depends on the material of the product. We sandblast to remove all rust, mill scale, paint, oil and other foreign matter in order to properly prepare the steel for the chemical pretreatment. This process not only thoroughly cleans the product, but also helps the coating to bond with the surface to provide the most durable finish available on the market today.

We offer powder coating in a variety of finishes, depending on your requirements. These include smooth or wrinkled surfaces, matte and gloss finishes, and rough textures. We have a wide selection of colours in stock and can easily custom match colours to your specifications. Powder coating cannot be tinted or altered to match a colour as liquid paint can, but a custom color can be manufactured with a minimum order when necessary. We can apply a zinc-rich powder primer prior to the topcoat, if required, for extra corrosion protection. Some powders require a second topcoat; for example, some metallic or dormant powders require a clear coat to in order to enhance the colour.

Central Sandblasting & Powder Coating can power coat items of nearly any size (max size 20'.1 x 10' x 10') including:

Railing, staircase and fencing

Piping and tubing

Display frames and store and warehouse shelving

Automotive and motorcycle components

Frames and rims

Lawn and garden equipment

Outdoor furniture

Boat and utility trailers

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